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So How Does It Work?

We handle the hard stuff! We will list your RV on our web site, and various rental platforms. While it is listed, your RV will get exposure to people from all over the World looking for an RV to rent in the Desert Southwest area. We will handle all booking requests and screening questions to make sure you have reliable renters. We rent it out for you and take care of the details, giving you a residual monthly income.

Why Rent Out Your RV?


Offset Ownership Costs

Owning a Motorhome can be costly, so why not put your RV to work while it is not being used? Vegas RV Adventures will work hard to return a maximum profit to you, the owner.

Peace of Mind

The RV sharing platforms we use are designed to limit your risk by using top of the line background check technology and industry leading insurance policies designed specifically for RV sharing.

Renting on Your Terms

Don't worry, you can still use your coach whenever you want. Let us know ahead of time and we will make sure your vehicle is ready for you when you need it.

Road-Side Assistance

Sleep soundly knowing that if anything were to happen, our renters are covered by a 24/7 roadside assistance policy.


Meeting New People

Vegas RV Adventures helps to introduce new people who are passionate for the outdoors, to RV culture and camping community. These customers will no doubt be back year after year looking for RV's to rent.

Great Market

You have the potential to earn thousands depending on your RV type and availability. The market in the Desert Southwest for RV rentals is in high demand and currently in need of more RV's! This means more money in your pocket!

We Can Rent Out Your RV for You!

Let Us Rent Out
Your RV for You!

Do you have an RV sitting in storage while you continue to make monthly payments on it? Let us help you turn that RV into a money maker! We are a home-grown business started in Las Vegas that will take care of RV rental management for you! Just sit back and let those payments handle themselves.

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But What do You need to do?

Vegas RV Adventures and You, the Owner, will share a split on all nightly rate profits.

We do the work, you get a check.

VRVA's Responsibilities

  • List RV on various rental platforms

  • Handle all interactions with renters

  • Meet renters for delivery / pickups

  • Provide renters with necessary operating instructions (videos and FAQ sheets)

  • Clean and sanitize RV after each rental

  • We Provide Laundry Services

  • We provide all the amenities of home, bedding, pots and pans, towels, chairs, BBQ basics and more.

  • Refill water, gasoline and propane tanks if needed

  • Dump and sanitize tanks after each rental

  • Notify owner of any damages to the RV

  • Handle logistics of repairs if necessary

  • Keeping RV stocked with RV/Marine grade toilet paper and sanitizer packs

Owners' Responsibilities

  • Make monthly payment on RV (If still making payments)

  • Provide insurance coverage while RV is stored at storage facility

  • Make monthly payment for storage facility (if applicable)

  • Notify VRVA when RV will be needed for personal use (please try give at least a 30 day notice, we know life can be unpredictable but it helps us make sure you get the most rentals and insures your RV is perfect for your adventures! )

That Sounds Great!

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