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A Note From Our Founder

I smile when I think back to the day we bought “Suite16”


I told my wife that I thought we should rent our house out and live in “Suite16”  travelling the country. Gloria smiled and said “I think you have that backwards!” We were lucky enough to take an incredible maiden voyage cross-country and checked off some wonderful bucket list memories before my health told me “no more long-distance road trips!”

Six months after buying "Suite 16," we listed her on an RV Rental booking website and were happy to share her with so many great people; it wasn't just a big help with the cost of ownership but it was wonderful to share the experiences with so many incredible people from all over the world. It created a beautiful, eclectic new family album for us to enjoy (and it sure beats leaving her parked in a storage lot).

Last year, our best friends, Kathy and her daughters, bought a beautiful new RV for themselves, we call "Triple 7." Together we have a great team with the tools needed to make the RV sharing experience even better! We created “Vegas RV Adventures” and hope you will become part of our family too!

You can become a part of out RV family too! Take a look at the great pictures and kind words our guests have left for us!  


Happy Trails!

Ol’ Joe, the RV Guy


Ol' Joe


Co-founder and business owner, Ol' Joe Childres has a passion for bringing excellence and pride to a home grown business.




Co-founder and business owner, Kathy Feldman knows the way to your heart and makes each experience one of a kind.



Fleet Manager / Web Master

Having lived in Vegas her whole life, Vegas customer service expertise comes naturally to Gina. She will get you on the right path in your adventure.



Multimedia Manager

Proficient in photography and media management, Holly is an excellent guide into the world of Vegas RV Adventures.

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